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5100 Pasachoff là một tiểu hành tinh vành đai chính. Nó được đặt theo tên Professor Jay Pasachoff ở 1993 bởi E. Bowell, the discoverer (1985 GW).

For 5100 Pasachoff

  • semimajor axis: 2.46973814 A.U.
  • eccentricity: 0.1351385
  • inclination: 7.73827 deg.
  • period: 3.88 năm
  • longitude of ascending node: 101.87185 deg.
  • argument of periapsis: 36.14564 deg.
  • mean anomaly: 102.24392 deg. (2000.0; 8/1.0/93=JDT 2449200.5)

5100 Pasachoff = 1985 GW Tênd in honor of Jay M. Pasachoff, Field Memorial professor of astronomy, director of the Hopkins Observatory và chair of the astronomy department of Williams College, Williamstown, Massachusetts. Pasachoff's broad range of astronomical research has centered ngày the sun, và especially on studies of solar eclipses. He is also well known for an extensive series of college-level textbooks và popular-astronomy textbooks và articles. Besides being an indefatigable public lecturer, Pasachoff has served as chairperson of the astronomy section of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, as a committee member of the American Association of Physics Teachers và ngày the Astrophysics Council of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

For 68109 Naomipasachoff

  • semimajor axis: 2.4713607 A.U.
  • eccentricity: 0.1013178
  • inclination: 8.71913 deg.
  • period: 3.88519 năm
  • longitude of ascending node: 119.17644 deg.
  • argument of periapsis: 170.18571 deg.
  • mean anomaly: 355.23766 deg.

68109 Naomipasachoff = 2000 YH135 Discovered 2000 Dec. 17 bởi the Lowell Observatory Near-Earth-Object Search ở trạm Anderson Mesa. Naomi Pasachoff (b. 1947) has written scientific biographies of Marie Curie, Alexander Graham Bell, Bohr, Newton, Einstein, Pauling, và others. She has viewed more than 20 solar eclipses, và continues to work ngày bringing science to the public.

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